Stanislav Chabutkin

Lahta, 1996
Window, 1992
Griboedova Channel, 1983
Column, 1982
Isaak's square. Night, 1985
Fontanka, 2002
Goatling, 1977
Peter-and-Paul fortress, 1981
Tram, 1977
Winter groove, 1994
Asfalt, 1977
Peter-and-Paul fortress view, 2002
Sphinx, 1978

Stanislav Chabutkin (1953-2010)

Collections: artworks by Stanislav Chabutkin are represented at Saint Petersburg State Russian Museum; Russian State photography centre, (St. Petersburg ); Russian State Library, (St. Petersburg); Yaroslavl State Art Museum; Saint Petersburg History State Museum, (St. Petersburg); Photography History Museum, (St. Petersburg); Saint Trinity New Golutvin Monastry, (Kolomna); Museum “Nabokov's House”, (St. Petersburg); Photography collection at the Foundation «Free culture», (St. Petersburg); Gallery "Borey", (St. Petersburg); Golosovsky collection, (Krasnogorsk); Tovostonogov Dramatic Theather, (St. Petersburg): A.Achmatova Museum, (St. Petersburg); RosEuroBank, (Moscow), National Georgian Art Centre, (Tbilisi, Georgia); Fotografijos Musejus, (Siauliai, Lietuva); Luke & A Gallery of Modern Art, (London, U.K.); Navigator Foundation, (Boston, USA); private collections in United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Ireland, Latvia, Russia, USA, Finland, Czech Republic, Switzerland.

Graduated Faculty of Chemistry at Leningrad Engineering and Economics Institute (1970-1975), evening drawing classes at I.Repin Art Institute (1973-1976), Faculty of Photo correspondents at Leningrad Journalists House (1977-1978).

Russian Artists Union member (2001).

Russian Photo artists Union member (2002).

Participated at more then 100 exhibitions in Russia and abroad, author of 13 personal exhibitions. Created illustrations for about 50 books. Stanislav Chabutkin's art works are placed in state and private collections in Russia and abroad.


Personal exhibitions:

«Echo». Photography Museum, St. Petersburg (2008)

«Feather trying». Gallery “ArsMagna”, St. Petersburg (2007)

«Selected». Gallery «RD», St. Petersburg (2007)

«Faces. 1978 - 2004». Gallery «Raskolnikov», St. Petersburg (2005)

«Genre: Petersburg». Antique-hotel «Kazanskaya, 5». St. Petersburg (2004)

«There is a city». El Teatro Nacional, San-Jose, Costa-Rica, (2004)

«Between two revolutions». Central Artists House, Moscow (2004)

«Subgective Petersburg». Russian Photo artists Union , Gallery «PhotoUnion», Moscow (2004)

«One photo exhibitions». Russian State photography centre, St. Petersburg (2003)

«Transition period». Culture centre «Pushkinskaya 10», Gallery «FOTOImage», St. Petersburg (2003)

«Petersburg - all day long». Yaroslavl State Art Museum (2002)

«Kilkart» (in collaboration with Valran). Gallery «Borey», St. Petersburg (2001)

Yaroslavl State Art Museum (2001)

Theatre National de Nice. IV Festival des Arts et du Cinema RUSSES. Nice, France (2002)

Gallery «Sam Brook», V.Vysotskiy State Culture Centre-Museum, Moscow (2002)

«Afon. New Fivaida skete». Event hall «Smolny Cathedral», St. Petersburg (2007)

Gallery “ArsMagna”, St. Petersburg (2006)

Ilya Prophet Church, St. Petersburg (2005)

Gallery «Ink-Club», St. Petersburg (2003)

Tikham, Tikhvin (2002)  

«Open Society» Institute (Soros Foundation), St. Petersburg (2001)

Gallery «Art Collegium», St. Petersburg (2000)